Security at CWA

Like many other airports, CWA had to completely change check-in and passenger screening procedures, in a short period in order to accommodate new and ever-changing security regulations. Central Wisconsin Airport supports the mission of TSA to protect the nation's transportation systems while ensuring freedom of movement for people and commerce.

It is always better for passengers to prepare in advance and acknowledge the TSA recommendations and policies.

All passengers need to make sure that all the items they bring are allowed to pass through the security screening checkpoint. TSA has a list of prohibited items from going through the checkpoint.

Travelers may bring a quart-sized bag of liquids, aerosols, creams, gels, and pastes in their carry-on bag and through the checkpoint.

Passengers are required to undergo screening procedures at the checkpoint. Travelers are welcome to consult with the TSA officers regarding the best way to relieve any concerns during the screening process.

Arrival Time

The duration for all of the security procedures is approximate and can vary, mostly based on several factors. Such factors are severe weather, TSA staffing, airport construction, and others. Wait times at Central Wisconsin Airport are projected by the advanced data and are within five minutes' accuracy. The TSA recommends all travelers to arrive at the airport in advance of scheduled flight departures. Since the amount of the advance arrival time required differs depending on the airline, it is always better to check with the relevant airline about ticket counter wait times as well as about possible changes to flight schedules.