CWA Parking area consists of three different parts. West, East, and Central parking lots. All of them are newly refinished and are available for travelers. The fee structure is the same in all three areas, and all of them include handicap parking stalls. After some reconstructions in order to provide the most convenient conditions for the customers, charging stations for electric vehicles have been installed in the main lot on the west end. Cash, credit, and debit card payment methods are acceptable.

When paying with cash, customers should first take a ticket to enter any parking lot. The ticket should be kept since paying with cash is only possible inside the Terminal. After returning from the trip, passengers should grab their luggage first and after that head to the Pay-On-Foot station, which is located in the central Terminal near the vending area. The final step is to insert the ticket into the Pay-on-Foot station and then follow the instructions indicated on the screen. The machine will validate the ticket upon payment and then return it to the passenger. For exiting the parking lot, the already confirmed ticket should be placed into the exit machine, and the gate will open.

If someone prefers to pay with a Credit/Debit Card, the instructions will be different. For entering a parking lot, the card should be swiped at the entrance gate. When leaving a parking lot, the procedures are the same.

As was mentioned above, prices are the same regardless of the lot. The first three hours are free of charge. For staying longer hourly rate is only $1/hour. The daily parking fare is $7.